Havelock Diaries – Where and What to eat

One of the things I most look forward to everytime I travel is food. Hence its imperative that I research in advance so I don’t land up spending on food or restaurants that I don’t quiet enjoy. To make it easy for you, here is our review of few of the places we visited in Havelock. The plus point of travelling with a group of friends is also that you get to order and try multiple dishes. So we are also listing our recommendations of what to order 😊

Well firstly Havelock is not a foodies paradise. Unlike Goa or other beach destinations you don’t have a line of shacks serving great food and alcohol nor too many options to chose from. But again, that would take away the charm of Havelock as a quiet and serene beach destination. So let me not complain about that start with my list –

  1. Full Moon Café –

This is a good place to treat yourself to after a sunny hectic morning at the beach. It is right next to the sea and has a great sea food menu. Slightly pricey compared to the other restaurants close by, but given their portions and taste its surely value for money. Their deserts too are highly recommended. It’s a pet friendly café and you are likely to find few dogs roaming around.

What we recommend Golden coconut fried prawns, Betki Paturi, For the vegetarians – Dahi Tadka Baingan, Deserts – banoffee pot and crepes.

2. Something Different –

It’s a sea view open restaurant with a lovely ambience. They have a bar and an interesting bar menu, but we were there on a dry day so couldn’t try it. This place is quiet off the main road, but they do have free pick up and drop service. I also came across some interesting things like candle light dinner by the beach, camping by the beach etc that they can arrange for. But we haven’t tried any of them.

What we recommend Thin crust Pizzas and tandoori fish. Goan fish curry and Malabar fish curry were decent. Or just an evening coffee.

3. Red Snapper
Red Snapper is where we dined most often as we were staying at the Wild Orchid and the food too was amazing, specially the sea food. They had something or the other planned for most weekend nights like a DJ or live cocktail bar or a seafood special Chef where you can chose your fish and get it done your way.

What we recommend Butter garlic lobster, tandoori butter fish, Snapper fillet with mango and prawn salsa and prawn mango salad. I cant remember what the vegetarians ordered but that too I remember was really good.

4. Fat Martins café – If you chose Andaman Bubbles for your diving (I ll tell you in a different post why you must!) you are sure to come here as they are under the same roof. Fat martins is good place to come n spend the evening with a coffee and a book or to just exchange notes with other divers. The place has a great vibe in the evenings with nice slow music playing and relaxed low seating. They also had live music happening one of the nights till almost 12 AM with a pop up bar. Also the only place we came across that offered free wi-fi.

What we recommendCold coffee during the day. Cocktails and bar snacks by the night.

5. Anju Coco – If theres one meal that I distinctly remember from the Havelock trip, it has to be this one. May be it was the chilled beer they offered when the heat was driving us crazy, may be it was the timing when we were famished after the dive or just the great food. Either ways its etched in my memory. The only draw back – they have those asbestos sheet roofs which makes it very hot during day time.

What we recommendButter garlic grilled prawn, chilly squid, friend prawn, they all come with side dish of rice/salad. Really good food.

6. Barefoot Bar and Brasserie – Radhanagar being one of the most popular beaches in Havelock (for all the right reasons), is expected to be crowded and touristy. So here is our tip – Plan a dayout at barefoot resort and they have access to the bests spot on Radhanagar beach with absolutely no crowd. They have a nominal cover charge which can be adjusted against the lunch or drinks bill. The in house bar serves one of the best cocktails in Havelock.

What we recommend – Daab chingri and rice, grilled fish and cocktails

Few things to note –

  • Set out a budget for food as budget eating out in Havelock is not really an option.
  • Havelock or for that matter Andaman does not have a local cuisine of its own or atleast we didn’t come across one. Its food and culture is heavily influenced by West Bengal. So if you are a fan of Bengali cuisine like me, then you are in good luck.
  • Havelock is a lazed out town and you too are probably here to do the same. So don’t expect quick service and turnaround of orders.
  • Andaman being a Union territory you would expect cheap and easy access to alcohol like in Goa and Daman, but it is not the case. This we were given to understand is on account of it being an island and the challenge with transportation. Also strangely most of the restaurants had their liquor license on a daily basis which means the same place may not serve alcohol on all days.

So thats my pick of places to eat in Havelock. Happy eating and travelling 🙂


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