5 Reasons why you must visit Kutch

If Amitabh Bachchan telling you ‘Kutch nahi dekha to kuch nahi dekha’ was not convincing enough for you to plan a trip to Kutch, we give you 5 good reasons to pack your bags and leave for Kutch NOW.

  1. You get to visit the Worlds biggest!The salt marshes of Kutch are the largest in the world and right here in India. The sunset views are mesmerising. And if you are lucky enough to be there during full moon, you will get a chance to witness the most spectacular sight of moons reflection on the white desert. One of the best places to witness natures wonder. So if you are from India, there is absolutely no reason why you would not want to visit Kutch
  1. A photographers delight. Whether you are a pro with your DSLRs or a person using camera phone, Kutch will delight you in every possible way.  Whether it’s the sunrise and sunset views at the great Rann and Kala Dungar or the riot of colours in the tent city and the surrounding villages – Kutch offers you endless possibilities to put your photographic skills to use.
  1. Ever wondered why Gujratis love their food so much.Spend few days in Kutch and taste the gujrati thali and you will know why. It was interesting to note and learn that Kutch being a dry land with less or almost no vegetation, most of the dishes are without vegetables. And the Rann Utsav is probably one place where you can get to taste cuisines from all regions of Gujrat. The cuisines are all vegetarian but trust us you wont miss your meat.
  1. Stock up on your Indie wardrobeYou will drop your jaws when you hear the prices of leather jootis and authentic kalamakari fabrics, shocked at the price you last purchased it for at that fancy mall. From hand woven fabrics, to footwear, accessories and even artistic home décor pieces, Kutch wont disappoint you on the shopping front.

5. Experience‘Atithi devo bhavo’ in its true sense. And what makes the trip most memorable is the warmth of the people here. We were floored by the hospitality extended to us right from the staff at the Rann Utsav tent city to the villagers who welcomed us home.

So check your holiday calendar for Dec – Mar and apply your leaves and book your tickets. Do check out our other posts on Kutch for planning the trip and other useful tips. And do drop in a comment for any help with the planning


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  1. Neelam says:

    Very informative and well written…the pictures are beautiful…look forward to more post from you


  2. Neelam says:

    fantastci..the pictures are beautiful…look forward to more post from you


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